Magic Monkey II Slots

Magic Monkey II is the long awaited slots game from the creators over at Wager Game Technology and follows the success of their previous slot game Magic Monkey I, and just like the original you’ll find blistering graphics and top notch animations that really bring the game to life, however now you're able to enjoy the original mystical fun with improved 3D graphics and sounds, and it’s all available either on your home PC, iOS or Android device with the simple click of a button or better said.. a swish of a wand!

Magic Monkey and Friends

This magic-themed slot game of Magic Monkey and Friends main character is represented by the bearded monkey wizard sitting in the corner with his magic wand ready to enchant you at any moment. Of course among the symbols we come across well themed magical instruments such as a crystal ball, a green bubbling potion, a spell book and the friendly looking peach coloured dragon as well as the traditional poker symbols. But what you really want to look out for is the Magic Monkey himself as he represents the Wild symbol and the banana bunch representing the Scatter symbol as those two icons will provide the bigger wins.

Monkey Around with the Features

Be rewarded 20 Free Spins in Magic Monkey II Slots by landing on three or more banana bunches in this five reel slot game. Although the features remain the same as the previous game, the improved graphics, animation and sound throughout the game really make an enjoyable experience for the player transporting you to the home fantasy land of the wizard with the chance to win a $60,000 jackpot prize.

Available to Play on any Magical Device

It's no surprise that Wager Game Technology has managed to adapt another fantastic game to any mobile device. Magic Monkey II mobile is a perfect game to enjoy from an iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as all Android smartphones and tablets. All features of the game are available to play from your HD screen at any time.

Don't miss out and go Bananas

If you enjoyed the original Magic Monkey Slots I you will no doubt enjoy the sequel. Magic Monkey II is perfect for all types of players, those who like to bet big or small, starting with a minimum bet of a one-cent reaching a maximum of nine dollars. Once you start spinning these magical playful symbols you won't be able to stop! So wait no longer and join the bearded monkey wizard in his dungeon where many thrilling surprises lay ahead, and remember, just like all of the best WGT slots you can practice by playing free Magic Monkey II slots too.