Super Soccer Slots

If soccer is your thing, you will need no further reason to give the Super Soccer slot game a go. Sporting slots are plentiful online, and this one is more than just your average slot, as you will see. No skills are required for this, and that means you can simply enjoy looking for Super Soccer prizes while playing. No football knowledge is required!

Reels and paylines format

Five reels are provided by Wager Gaming for this slot. You will see there are 30 lines to bet on as well.

Coin values in play

Lots of Wager Gaming titles give players the chance to enjoy bets of between a cent and ten dollars on every payline. That is the case with this slot as well.

Super Soccer special icons

Some wilds are written as such, and that is true of the one in this game. It becomes more colorful with the addition of flags surrounding it as well. If you manage to find five wilds on a line you placed a bet on, you will have good cause to celebrate. That is because the prize for this combination is a massive 25,000 coins! That must surely be the biggest wild prize we have ever seen. The goalkeeper is an important feature in soccer matches, and he is vital here too. He will be used as a scatter icon.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

Every football match features a goalkeeper at either end. However, you must find three in this slot game to win 10 free spins. If you manage to locate another three while playing those spins, another 10 will be added on for you. The game also features another important symbol we haven’t yet mentioned. This is the bonus symbol. This must appear on the second and fourth reels together to grant entry into a football tournament. All your prizes are tripled here, and the idea is to play against other teams in the tournament to see how far you can get. The better your team does, the bigger the resulting win will be.

Make sure you download and play the Super Soccer slot game today!

Super Soccer really is a super game, don’t you think? This is a fun and entertaining experience, with lots to look for as you play. And that is the mark of a great slot game.