Tailgate Blitz Slots

Depending on how you take it, that could be a good or bad thing. You will see a tailgate dropped with some beer in it to start the game, but it loads fast enough and you're in and ready to play within seconds. Will this Tailgate Blitz lead to a good outcome for you?

We have a sporting theme of sorts to enjoy here, so let's see what is in store for us. No need to be a sports fan though - this one is based on enjoying as a spectator rather than taking part.

Reels and paylines

Five reels appear on the screen when the game is ready to play. The lines go to a maximum of 20 to be played.

Coin values in play

You can get play underway from one cent per line here, making it an affordable game to play. The highest coin value is five dollars, so that gives you a good array of betting choices.

Tailgate Blitz symbols worth watching for

Watch out for the game logo showing the rear of the vehicle, as this is the wild symbol. It can produce a 5,000-coin win if five appear on a paid line. It also replaces everything else except for the dollar sign in yellow, which is used in the game as a scatter symbol.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, you can play the Tailgate Cash bonus whenever three, four, or five of those dollar sign scatters appear. These will give you two, four, or seven prizes to win. These are scratch prizes, so that makes for a different bonus compared to the free games you might have been expecting. It's a good bonus though, especially if you manage to trigger it with five scatters.

Download the Tailgate Blitz slot and play it today

This slot game is nice to play and gives us a different kind of bonus - always refreshing to see something different on offer, don't you think? Tailgate Bonus also takes on a different theme, something based around sports that doesn't involve too much of the sport itself.

Instead, it is about having a great time, drinking beers, and maybe enjoying a barbecue as well. If you fancy trying to win a Tailgate Bonus, this is the place to try and make it happen. Fingers crossed everything works out for you as you get to grips with this cool slot game.