Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Wouldn’t that be nice? This slot features the kind of title that instantly makes you want to learn more. Don’t worry, we have reviewed it for you right here, so you can find out whether Ultimate 10x Wild does live up to its title. It would be a shame if there wasn’t a 10x wild icon here, right?

Reels and paylines format

This is a small game with only three reels and one payline.

Coin values in play

Considering you only get one line to bet on, there are lots of betting options here. The coins range from a cent to $5 each, and you can also get up to three of those squeezed onto the payline with each spin.

Ultimate 10x Wild special icons

Now, is there a 10x wild here? There is, but that is just the start of the fun. You see, the game also provides us with a nice 3x wild multiplier. They both replace everything else in the game, so whenever one helps you towards a prize, you will enjoy the relevant multiplier to enhance its value. You can also benefit if two wilds appear with a third symbol to score a win. In this instance, the two multipliers will multiply together. That means two 3x wilds would bring you a 9x boost to your prize. And yes, if you were thinking that means two 10x wilds would boost it by 100x, you would be right!

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

With lots to look forward to in the multiplier area, you may not be expecting a progressive jackpot. But there is one, and you need to simply keep playing to be in with a chance to win it. No one knows the trigger for this because it is random, but it can trigger at any moment once the jackpot reaches a cool $10,000. That is when you should keep a close eye on it in case it comes your way…

Make sure you download and play the Ultimate 10x Wild slot game today!

This is a great game to try if you love multipliers. With two wilds in action and the chance to get bigger multipliers with their help, you never know what will happen on your next spin. Make sure you enjoy some fun with this slot today.