3X Wild Cherry Slots

There could well be, especially since this game is based on a more traditional format than many modern slots are. Don’t be deterred by that though, because there are some excellent features to be uncovered if you play the 3x Wild Cherry slot. Are you ready to find out what those features are?

Reels and paylines format

Traditional slots usually mean there are three reels in action, just as there are here. That means you will focus your attentions on one payline.

Coin values in play

Despite there being just one line in play here, you do get to bet from a cent to ten dollars on it with each spin. You can adjust your bet further by choosing up to three coins on the line as well.

3x Wild Cherry special icons

The title of the game would suggest a 3x multiplier in action, and we do indeed get just that when we find the wild. This is the most important symbol to look for whenever you play the 3x Wild Cherry slot. It is quite easy to see too. If you manage to get two of those wilds in a winning line, the multipliers become even more generous. This is because they multiply with each other, so you will be treated to a prize boosted by a 9x multiplier. That is a great feature, don’t you think?

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

No bonuses are included here, but there is a progressive jackpot involved in this slot. You will see how much it is currently worth on the game screen. Be warned though – not all bets will qualify for a chance to win the pot. You must wager 25 cents per spin at the very least to get a chance to win it. Three cherries, all wearing shades, should appear on the line to secure this progressive jackpot prize if you are betting that much.

Make sure you download and play the 3x Wild Cherry slot game today!

This game is very entertaining for a three-reel slot. You will probably find, as we did, that you will check out the wilds as they appear, in the hope you can win a prize with them. Those multipliers are the key feature and they are very welcome to see as you play 3x Wild Cherry slots.