Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Few people would want to take part in a turkey shoot. However, you will certainly want to spot the turkey popping up in this game from WGS. It is one of several Wild X titles from this developer, and they have become well-known among slot game fans for good reason. So, will this be a new favorite for you?

Reels and paylines format

This is a basic game built around three reels and one line.

Coin values in play

There are lots of coins to choose from, going from a cent to $5 apiece. You can also choose to wager up to three coins on each spin.

Turkey Shoot Wild X special icons

Watch out for the logo bearing a 2x multiplier on it, since this is a wild symbol. As the name suggests, it doubles anything you might win. You can also search for the 5x Turkey Shoot logo, which is important as the jackpot trigger. Three must be lined up on the payline to award the jackpot. The amount you would scoop in this instance would depend on the number of coins you decided to play on that spin, as well as their value. But one, two, or three coins would reward you with 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 coins, amounting to a nice prize no matter how much your coins were worth. Another great feature is to get a bigger multiplier whenever a 2x wild, a 5x Turkey Shoot wild, and a third icon appear together.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

You probably weren’t expecting anything here, but you can win through to a bonus feature by finding a turkey on reel three. There is a maximum prize of 500 coins to be had in this bonus feature.

Make sure you download and play the Turkey Shoot Wild X slot game today!

This is a nice game and another nice addition to the Wild X selection of slots. If this is your first from the collection, be sure and check out the others. There is plenty to appreciate if you do, and you can certainly look forward to some winning chances and generous multipliers. In fact, whenever you see the Wild X name, you can expect big multipliers to be the aim of the game. How many will you benefit from in Turkey Shoot Wild X today?