Winning Waves Slots

Winning Waves sounds like a great title for a slot, especially if those waves bring a flood of cash your way. But there are other waves here too, thanks to the surfing theme chosen by none other than WGS – one of the most productive software developers in the slot game world today. Let’s see whether those waves will bring in some coin wins for you, shall we?

Reels and paylines format

If you were expecting plenty of reels and lines, think again – you get three reels here, and only a single line to bet on.

Coin values in play

Most games from this developer use lots of coins to appeal to all players. This one does too, with coins going from a cent apiece to $10.

Winning Waves special icons

WGS has added some nice touches to this game. There are bar symbols here, as you would expect from a three-reel game, but they’ve been transformed into surfboards to suit the theme. There is an odd quirk to the game too, but this one works in your favor. You may already know there is just one line here to bet on, but when you view the reels, you’ll see five appear. Yes, five lines, despite being told you can bet on just one. That is good for you though, because three suns will trigger the game’s jackpot. Get those suns on the payline and 600 coins will be yours. However, if those suns appear on another line, the jackpot gets bigger. The best you can win is a huge 3,500 coins.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

There are no bonuses included in this game, but the jackpot is certainly worth going for.

Make sure you download and play the Winning Waves slot game today!

Winning Waves delivers a fun and summer-filled theme to enjoy if you like that kind of thing. The theme is pleasant, the reels are packed with symbols to look out for, and the addition of four extra paylines while only paying to bet on one is a nice touch too. If you want to play a three-reel game but you tend to find them too basic for your liking, this one might just change your mind. Will you surf some winning waves if you try this game today to search for some prizes?