Triple 10x Wild Slots

We love seeing slot titles when they seem to have multiplier values in them. This one does just that, and we think it could be a winner for you if you can spin certain icons into place on these reels. Let's see if this could be a triple winner if you play it correctly.

Reels and paylines format

There is nothing complex to look at here - we get three reels to spin and just one payline.

Coin values in play

There are lots of coins you can use to place your bets on these spins. You can start at a cent per coin, playing up to three of them on the line, and move through other values to hit the top amount of $10 per coin.

Triple 10x Wild special icons

The cherry is good for a small prize if you find just one on the payline. However, that is merely the beginning of the fun that is still to come.

You do get a 10x symbol in this slot and it features as a wild symbol. You can also find another very similar wild in action, marked this time as a 3x wild. As you might assume, a winning line involving one of those wilds will be multiplied by the value shown on that wild.

If you manage to get more than one multiplier on the payline, your payouts will become bigger still. The multipliers will always be multiplied by each other when they appear, so there is a chance to win way more than you may at first think when looking at the game screen.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

While there are no bonus elements to unlock in Triple 10x Wild, we doubt you will miss them. You will spend too much time looking for the multiplier wilds - and they are undoubtedly the highlight in the slot game.

Make sure you download and play the Triple 10x Wild slot game today!

If you love wild symbols and you love multipliers just as much, you will love the fact they are rolled into one offering in this slot game. Will you manage to secure some great wins by spinning the reels of the Triple 10x Wild slot game? We sure do hope so, but you must play to try your luck with this game today.