Game Day Slots

Game Day could refer to anything – any sort of game you can think of. But we guess there must be a more targeted focus for this game. As you load it ready to play, the sport chosen for the theme immediately becomes clear. Get ready for a slot game based on American football. If you love that sport, you’ll be excited to give this slot game a try. Mind you, there are plenty of reasons to play it even if you don’t like the sport, so check out our review to find out more.

Reels and paylines format

Nothing too odd here, since there are five reels and these present players with 20 win lines.

Coin values in play

There are plenty of coins you can use to make your bets in Game Day. Start from just one cent per line to deliver a 20-cent bet, or head far higher to place ten dollars per line at most.

Game Day special icons

A referee is always present in American football games. He appears here as well as the substitute symbol. He replaces everything with just two exceptions. The first of those is a scatter symbol – shown as the word with lots of arrows to complete the look. There is a bonus icon as well, and this is the only other icon the wild doesn’t replace.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

Three scatter symbols are good enough to unleash 15 free games. While some games award more freebies for getting four or five scatters, that’s not true of this one. All prizes are boosted by 3x though, so that is good to know. While playing your free games, watch out for the bonus icon to appear. Two of these will reward you with a multi-level bonus. Start at the bottom of the pyramid and make a choice to try and progress to the next level. Avoid the game over symbol for as long as you can!

Make sure you download and play the Game Day slot game today!

American football may not appeal to everyone, but we think you will love all the free spins and bonus possibilities included in this slot game. Give it a shot and you might see the features of the game are more important than the theme – unless you love American football, of course!