Amazing 7's Slots

You would at least hope for some amazing prize-winning chances, wouldn't you? And we figure the number seven will be important somehow, although we are unsure how this might work.

Wager Gaming Technology came up with the idea for this game, so did they achieve a successful outcome, or will this be a game you only play one time?

Reels and paylines format

This is a sizeable game with five reels bringing you a chance to bet on 25 lines.

Coin values in play

This can be tried out as a penny slot. Alternatively, other coins can boost your bet, going up to $5 per payline.

Amazing 7s special icons

We were half-expecting a seven to show up as a wild icon, but it doesn't. In fact, there is no wild included here at all. You shouldn't worry about looking for a scatter either, since that isn't included here. Is this game as amazing as the title makes out? We are not yet sure.

Are there bonus features to unlock in this game?

Would you be shocked if we revealed there were no bonuses to find here? We didn't think you would be. A game without wilds or scatters very rarely has a bonus feature of any kind, and this one bears out that way of thinking. The task in front of you if you decide to play the game is to look out for enough matching symbols in the right places to trigger a winning line.

Make sure you download and play the Amazing 7s slot game today!

Amazing 7s is only amazing if you are looking for a basic three-reel slot that has been maxed out by adding more reels and lines into the mix. This one does qualify under those terms, so that might be ample reason for you to play this game. If you are the kind of player who regularly looks for 3D bonus slots to play, this one isn't going to provide you with what you are looking for.

Amazing 7s will have its fans, that much is certain, but it is a very precise game to play that won't appeal to everyone. Give it a go and see what you think, but it might be better to try a demo version before you decide whether to make some real bets.